No cash, no problem. Supreme House of Pizza now accepts credit cards

Alisha Saint-Ciel
The Enterprise

BROCKTON – Brocktonians can keep the cash at home and skip a trip to the ATM machine now that Supreme House of Pizza has introduced credit card payments.

The family business, originally run by the late James “Jimmy” Lambrakis, has always been a cash-only business, but the family has now decided to make changes.

“It was just about time, actually 20 years late,” said Manny Lambrakis, manager of Supreme House of Pizza.

Since deciding to update their pay system, the feedback has been positive.

Dozens of Brockton residents flocked to Facebook when the news was announced to boast about the newfound accessibility the credit card machine affords them.

The big news coming out of the Supreme House of Pizza in Brockton was that after many years of just working with cash transactions, they started taking credit and debit cards earlier this year. Jandira Sanches of Brockton, originally from Cape Verde, took advantage of the new policy and paid for her meal with her Visa card on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023.

“Never thought I’d see the day! But thank God,” Sharlene Alida, said in a Facebook post.

The excitement around a card reader may not be explainable to someone who is not from the area.

“It’s a miracle! I can get a steak and cheese in one stop!” Wanda Stewart said in another Facebook post.

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Supreme House of Pizza owner Manny Lambrakis, on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023, holding a pizza with cheese, green peppers and other ingrediants, stands next to a picture of his dad, Jimmy Lambrakis, who founded the restaurant in 1972 and worked in it right up to his passing in 2016.

For years, if you didn’t have cash in hand, your options were to use the in-house restaurant ATM machine, run across the street to CVS to use their ATM machine, or stop at the bank before picking up your order.

Now, patrons don’t have a worry in the world. They can call in to order and head over without stopping at the bank or getting charged an additional fee to use the ATM.

Supreme House of Pizza menu favorites

Carlos Catalan of the Supreme House of Pizza puts the finishing touches on a sandwich for a customer during a busy period on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023.

But while the pay system has changed, the menu has not. Customers can still look forward to the same low prices and classic menu items including sandwiches, pizzas with any topping, steak and cheese, pasta with your choice of protein, salads and more.

Manny’s favorite thing to eat is a classic steak and cheese with garlic and everything on it, but if he’s feeling adventurous, his second go-to is the warm, gooey pizza.

The Lambrakis family is passing down their rich Greek heritage to Brockton in every bite and slice served, and they hope to continue doing that forever.

Noel Sierra of Providence who grew up in Brockton, prepares to enjoy a couple of slices of pizza on his way home on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023. Sierra's parents still live in Brockton, and while visiting them, stopping by the Supreme House of Pizza for some slices is part of strict ritual he maintains. He enjoys coming, says the staff is always friendly, and he considers the restaurant to be a big part of the Brockton neighborhood.

To the Brockton community the restaurant is a “staple” in the city. If you’re from here, you’ve probably tried or heard of Supreme House of Pizza.

Manny knows there are “big shoes” to fill when it comes to his father’s family business, but he’s up for the challenge.